Ratting Algos kiting review

Hi guys, I’m just tried out PYFA today (It was amazing) and came up with this stupid glass cannon algos. Can you guys give me some advice on this fit. This was alpha oriented fit. o7

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For what sites is this fit desinged ?
To rate the fit you always have to know what is designed for as general ratting can be from simple highsec combat sites to Haves in null.

in general If you want to kite I would if an mwd instread of a ab. It makes a lot easyer.
Depeding on the sites you run you won’t need that much drone range it would only slow you down with the goblins habing to travel 100km every time you pull them. Also you use the bandwith of your ship not fully atm go for a 2 mids(ose faction or integrated) 3 lights setup. It should increase your dps by a lot.

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