Killing Orca's and other high sec ships

Stop I like the tracking bit

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You… don’t, actually. Because that just leaves duelling and perhaps Abyssal PVP. Which is technically not hisec but can be done from hisec. I think. I’m scratching the bottom of the barrel here. Hisec is not really a place for cool pvp. At least in low you can engage with ratters, pirate haulers, and have a more varied palette of PVP activities. I get okay fights in FW space because I am the idiot that jumps into a site with two people, but I also catch ratters in ships with a lower cost then theirs, probe out explorers, etc. It’s still cloaky campy PVP instead of honest brawling, but it’s more fun then doing the same thing over and over getting ganked orbitting a bacon button.

Faction Warfare also can take place in highsec. I always thought more objectives related to Faction Warfare should be in highsec, but Faction War is not restricted to lowsec only.

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I honestly had no idea FW had some hisec elements to it, Black Pedro. That being said, the OP was not happy with FW so I’m trying to come up with alternatives. Maybe… drop into Wspace from HS with a small gang and roam?

You forgot suspect baiting.

someone tell @gamis that his youtube comments are off, and the salt mining in the comments are the best part… cc @Aiko_Danuja

Many people claim that the CODE. is just a bunch of evil griefers who want to collect tears and salt. However, as you’ve noticed, believe it or not, there are some people in CODE who actually dislike salt. They just want the miners dead, and they don’t want the tears. They can’t stand the endless crying. Mr. Gamis is one of those. A very nice polite professional individual, who wants every miner to die in silence.

Indeed, in a vacuum, nobody can hear you whine.


easiest way to avoid being ganked: don’t be a target.

I do enjoy PVP, but I generally choose my battles. If I do get caught and go down, I go down swinging.


Something that is an unfortunate consequence of CCP’s mismanagement of the game is the encouragement of “multiboxing”, playing more than one account at the same time from the same computer, the lower the game’s human population got, the more desperate CCP got, eventually encouraging cheaters / botters to subscribe on dozens, sometimes hundreds, of accounts per player. In all likelihood the “gangs” you find yourself facing are made up of 1 or 2 players at the most. Don’t like it? Demand a 1:1 human to logged in account ratio, it would be the end to botting, forever.