Kingdom Crime Punishment Force

I would like to Make our 1st public appearance. In new eden, I am leading diplomat of the Fallen Dome, We are a group of Many people from different walks of life. most of where at one point industrialists, but we have since put away our Mining and production gloves due to Lone wolf attacks on many of our brothers and sisters who supply the lifeblood of new eden.

Some may think of us as Mercs. others glory hounds. but we to frank we refer ourselves as Private Dome Police. Stand by Many all of Mining Divisions across Eve, help encourage Safe Mining practices. Along with Hunting down Criminal podding Suspects,

people have asked Do we deal with. Entities like “CODE” we do, and we don’t
our Operatives have deemed Code as a part-religious Group. We Do not approve of their actions, along with other Groups in new eden. thought it PAINS me do say so they do have a right to exist due to Religious freedoms. The we do not tolerate is the Criminal Podding of Miners. in Empire Security space and we do respond Crimes in progress when in local Areas.

IF you have Any information Feel Free to Contact us to report any Criminals in your Area.
or Proof of criminal activity (I.E. kill rights) Join “FDPD” (Fallen Dome Police department)

Callsign (Gen.) Madlightning
at your service

I would also like to add we make sure any Pirate faction structures are destroyed.
(edit) I have had someone ask me Pilots flying no behalf of the Militia of the 4 empires we do not like to interfere in empire matters but sometimes the line has to be crossed


We do not normaly go into Null sec due to Law enforcement having no business out there once and a while we do venture out there to “try” catch suspects with their pants down (Concord security data rating -1.0 and lower criminals)

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Sergeant xXKiLlAXx Reporting for Duty

This should be interesting.


More overly self confident targets to shoot at is always a good thing.

Actually, a suspect can have any security data rating, even 5.0 (for thieves). Actual pirates will have slightly less security status than 5.0 because of prior agression that caused that security status to drop.

And to be considered a wanted criminal, security status shall be lower than -5.0. By attacking pilots with security status between -1.0 to -5.0 you yourself commit a crime.

But overall, as an officer of Caldari State I fully support the anti-criminal operation, provided you yourself will stay within boundaries of the law.

I think that he meant that they would go after pilot with a security status of -1.0 or lower in null-sec when they come down here.

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