Kingdom of Bretonia - A C4 3/5 Pular New-Bro friendly WH corp

We are at 149 pilots and still recruiting!

We are at 152 pilots. Join us on discord to discuss recruitment! Kingdom of Bretonia

We are at 151 pilots. We are still recruiting!

Daily bump!

We are still at 151 pilots. Join our discord to talk to a recruiter! Kingdom of Bretonia

Daily Bump!

Bump. We are at 152 pilots.

My history in EVE has been a bumpy road, having been in and out many times since 2004, and always feeling that something is missing. I was sure that EVE had more to give than my previous attempts to find content and fun PvP. I have mostly done missions, Abyssals, and tried smaller PvP corps in null. I got into this corp 1 month and 19 days ago, and it was action from day one.

My first eviction happened the same week as I joined, and the WH world opened up for big ISK in a freaking fun environment with C3, C4, and C5 ratting. My second eviction gave me a payout for over 1 billion ISK, and I got loads of fleets in all spaces with other corps. The FCs we have are really good and patient with us noobs regarding PvP, and no questions are too dumb o7.

Last night there was a little fight at our homesystem; I lost a Golem worth 3.2 billion ISK, not the first time I undock stuff like that and not the last. Today, Cleopatra Ali, our Boss, contracted me a new Golem, same fit as I lost, and told me that he values what I’m doing for the corp and to undock whatever I have to protect corp friends (I have no words for this gesture, really nice!.)
There are more pilots in this corp that really help out when the losses get too hard. I know, of course, that this isn’t something we can count on, but it has happened to me and others several times now that those corp members and the boss took care of our losses with both loot and ISK.

All pilots in this corp are mature, really nice, and most of us are online when big things happen. I don’t think EVE can get any better; this is it! No taxes, eyes everywhere in WH systems, and ratting can be somewhat safe. Sharing is caring, and we all have great fun! Join up, best corp in EVE!