Knock Knock. The newbro-friendly corporation aligned to The Initiative!

Knock Knock. The newbro-friendly corporation aligned to The Initiative!!

Be the first of the first!! Be at the ground level of this epoch-making, earth-shattering enterprise!! Do you crave adventure, excitement, and enjoy blowing up or getting blown up in spaceships? Look no further! Our corporation is seeking ambitious pilots like you to join us, get blown up, make ISK and enjoy Eve together!

Who We Are:

  • Name: Knock Knock.

  • Primary Focus: PvP

  • Secondary focus: PvE, Industry, Exploration,…

  • Location: Nullsec

What We Offer:

  • Community: Join a vibrant community of like-minded pilots who share your passion for Null sec life, building on our values building our community having fun and enjoying the game for what it is. The ability to work alongside/ have the progression into The Initiative. (INIT.) as one of the longest standing Nullsec Alliances in New Eden, a nice community of pvp-oriented people. We fight fiercely but we stay classy.

  • Opportunities: From small skirmishes to epic fleet battles, there’s always something happening in Eve that we can go and partake in!.
    Opportunities to join INIT. if you fit in well, are active and are partaking in regular things with our group. We are opening a new corp for newbros and for older new-to null sec pilots, to allow you to discover life in null sec, to improve in pvp and maybe to eventually join Init later if you fit culturally

  • Training: Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned veteran, we provide the resources and guidance to help you thrive.

  • Resources: Between fleets, you are welcome to make use of our beloved Fountain region which offers everything that you can dream of - Access to mining operations, production facilities, and trade hubs.

  • Fun: Participate in regular events, fleets, training sessions, PvE with members of our community, let’s have fun and blow up some spaceships!


  • Skill Level: All skill levels welcome! (As long as you are over a week old in Eve). Whether you’re a new pilot eager to learn or a seasoned veteran looking for a new challenge or place to call home, there’s a place for you here. Alpha is ok initially but people need to be omega after some weeks

  • Working Microphone is required.

  • If you haven’t played for a week yet, we would recommend that you try out the Career Agent missions in the meantime. This will give you a flavor of some aspects of the game and will also give you several million ISK for your wallets! You can still chill on our public discord and ask questions.

  • Activity: We value active participation and teamwork. While real life comes first, we expect our members to contribute to the success of the corporation.

  • Attitude: Respect, integrity, no toxicity, and a willingness to learn are key values within our corporation.

How to Join:

Interested in joining our ranks? Join our public channel in game "Knock Knock Public” to chat with our members and learn more about what we have to offer.
Our public Discord: Knock Knock.

Fly unsafe, and fly with us!

A casual day in INIT.




Fantastic Initiative!

Great kick-starter for new, inexperienced, or curious pilots and friends to get involved with a truly wonderful and experienced EVE Online null PvP alliance.

Get in!

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Taking the initiative to bump !

The best group I’ve flown with
<3 INIT.


Great new Bro corp, you wont be just be a new bro you are part of the INIT family.

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Newbros are welcome, join us!

We’re here to help you succeed in null :slight_smile:

Growing fast! Come join and learn how to be great :slight_smile:

I see our new guys having fun !

So proud of these guys so far

Whats your primary timezone? Or when are your members mostly active?

Primarily EU, but INIT. has a great spread of content across timezones ^^

Seeing crazy growth, over 70 members now! Come join :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

I’ve already reached out to you on discord