Kookaburra Academy - Heaps of Newbro friendly content - AU/NZ/JP TZ - High/Low Sec in Domain - PVP/PVE/Industry

Kookaburra Academy is recruiting new and returning pilots who want to blow things up while they figure things out.

We are proud members of the League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts, an active AU/NZ/EU/US Alliance in High and Low security Domain

We are a small group focused on mentoring new and returning players. Our goal is to help you get up to speed on career strategies and PVP tactics, and create content that is fun and profitable with any number of Skill Points. We do our best to provide everything you need to find your own story arc in New Eden.

We’re looking for pilots who want to:

  • See some sweet PVP Action
  • Build some cool stuff and sell it for profit
  • Shoot rocks, but not all the time
  • Try that spooky wormhole stuff without living it 24/7
  • Learn from veteran players in a newbro-positive environment

Here’s what we offer:

  • Squad goals to work towards
  • Daily OPs and spicy content (PVP, FW, WH, Mission, Mining)
  • Low sec pocket for industry and hunting
  • Industrial hubs
  • Thriving marketplace
  • Daily moon mining
  • PVP Action - Roaming, Attacking, Defending
  • Free ships, Blueprint Hangar, Implant & Skillbook programs
  • Beer and Trivia night

Here’s what we require to join:

  • Voice comms on Discord
  • ESI Check
  • Finished Tutorials and SoE arc

Contact Sobine in-game, or join Kookaburra Public recruitment channel for more information.

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