Krab King - Subcap PVP/Capital PVP/Marauder Pilot - 90m SP

I’m for sale. 88m SP

  • No kill rights.
  • Positive wallet
  • Located in Jita 4-4
  • +5 Pod and Geno Pod

Lots of cool stuff. Some highlights include

  • Minmater/Caldari/Gallente Dreads all to V
  • T2 Siege
  • T2 Projectile and T2 Hybrid (needs 56min train to Blaster 1 or Rail 1) XL Torps to V
  • All 5 racial BS to V
  • Marauders to V
  • Large Hybrid/Precursor/Projectile/Energy to V
  • Many other cool things

60M extraction value on this toon. Looking for offers 65M+

55b offer

Extraction is 55bil by the way, you can only go down to 5.5mil.

No, extraction is not 55B

You can extract at 5.5m. This means that from 90M you can pull 170 injectors out of it. The profit at the moment between extractors and injectors is 350m. This means the extraction value is 59.5B (I rounded up as the extraction profit was actually 351m when I looked earlier on)

Firstly, you’re not 90m sp.

Secondly, taxes.

Thirdly, it’s 325m per injector, so 650m per 1m sp. Meaning you can extract 83*.65b = 54b.

57b offr

It was 350m per injector last time I checked. Are you actually interested in this sale or are you just thread spoiling?

433m cost of extractors at Jita. 783m lowest injector price. That is a current difference of 350m at this time.

Anyway, I’m only going to sell this toon if I get an offer I consider acceptable. Any offer needs to be above extraction value for it to be worthwhile. It costs €20 to transfer a toon and €0 to extract.

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