Kronos + Railgun now as good as Vargur?

What do you think, is the Kronos with railguns now as good or fast as the Vargur for L4 missions?

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No it isnt per se. Because with railguns you simply lack total DPS on targets that are close by. True, you can snipe anything dangerous from far away and conveniently fight mid- to longrange so you don’t even need much tank, but in missions where most stuff lands below 50km on you, the Vargur will deal significantly more damage.

However, the Kronos is especially versatile now. If you know the missions well, all you need is to switch to Blasters in missions where stuff is usually close (or can be jumped on directly via MJD) and only use Rails in missions where a lot of EWAR is present or most stuff spawns at a 100km anyway. All it costs is to switch out 5 Modules (the 4 guns and 1 Sebo for another TC) and then you will have most likely a better performance than the Vargur.


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