Blaster or railgun Kronos for level 4?

I have been playing with Vargur and Paladin.

Even though artillery Vargur has, on paper, a huge alpha, it’s noticeably slower at clearing rats than an autocannon one.

For Paladin, it’s the opposite. Due to rats in Amarr using tracking disruptors, which significantly shortens the optimal range, a sniping beam Paladin with MJD is much better solution than a pulse Paladin.

I would like to use a Kronos for a while and was looking at fits on Eve Workbench, but I’m still unclear on whether blasters or railguns are (generally) better. At least on paper, I’d go with a sniping railgun fit, since it’s really close to what a Paladin can do with beams. However, blasters (on paper) are much more powerful than Vargur’s autocannons.

Both blaster and railgun fits are among the top ones on Eve Workbench and, obviously, both fits work for different people. So, from your experience, what’s better?

Depends on the application and ranges. For L4 missions, railgun Kronos is the way to go (either 350mm or 425mm). Faction guns have a bit less DPS but a lot less capacitor usage.

Just load Faction Antimatter, Javelin and Faction Thorium and Iridium (that covers 99% of L4 mission scenarios). I like 2x tracking computers with both range and tracking scripts.


Using Concord as showcase enemy due to unified ressist.

Most L4 missions place you 30-100km from enemies, with 50-70 being golden average in most cases. Hence rails do super well. I use the following fit for any L4 mission / epic arc missions.

Tank is more than enough, Federation Navy Mags are only bling that is “recommended”, but completely optional. Did every L4 epic arc mission 50+ times in this fit with no issue. Just bastion up and shoot. Use MJD to try to get to next acceleration gate, if you miss, MWD is there to get you back on the gate faster… Regular L4 missions are even easier than L4 epic arcs.

Can hit frigates reliably over 25km with double tracking scripts. Can hit frigates reliably over 30km even with double optimal scripts. I usually run optimal scripts and switch to tracking only if I know all mission spawns will be under 30-40km (Damsel for example). ECCM script is there just for few Gallente epic arc missions with heavy sensor damps, otherwise use scan resolution

[Kronos, [2023] Kronos GEA]

Damage Control II
Multispectrum Energized Membrane II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Large Armor Repairer II
Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer

Sensor Booster II
500MN Microwarpdrive II
Tracking Computer II
Tracking Computer II
Large Micro Jump Drive

425mm Railgun II
425mm Railgun II
425mm Railgun II
425mm Railgun II
Bastion Module I
Salvager II
Auto Targeting System II

Large Semiconductor Memory Cell II
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump II

Hornet II x15
Vespa II x5

Federation Navy Antimatter Charge L x15160
Scan Resolution Script x1
Targeting Range Script x1
Optimal Range Script x2
Tracking Speed Script x2
Mobile Tractor Unit x1
Small Tractor Beam II x1


Thank you for so many details.

blaster is better for damsel. Double rep, land, MWD to the structure while you lock it, bastion up, stop MWD when close enough, align to exit, shoot the pleasure hub, shoot zor, drag and loot zor wreck while you kill one or two BS, when bastion is 5s remaining pulse MWD, warp out.
2 min from landing to warp off.
You may need to OH your reps when bastioning off.

With Damsel you can clear it in one Bastion cycle - blasters or railguns.

I never have to leave in my raven. Not sure on time, i know its not long

Yeah… that might be good for Damesel, but I’m looking to create more of a universal fit.

In my opinion it’s definitely blasters:

  • with Null loaded + optimal range script in TCs it has 20-70 km optimal-falloff at >2k DPS
  • with Void loaded 3,2 k DPS at short range (up to ~29 km)
  • can blap frigs/destroyers at 100 km without problems
  • way better tracking with tracking scripts in th TCs + faction antimatter compared to railguns
  • superior DPS resulting in faster clearing speed

Never had range issues and there is also the MJD. I do fly all marauders but the Paladin while the Blaster Kronos is the must fun for me.


Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Centum A-Type Explosive Energized Membrane
Coreli A-Type Multispectrum Coating
Centus X-Type Large Armor Repairer
Damage Control II

Core X-Type 500MN Microwarpdrive
Large Micro Jump Drive
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Federation Navy Tracking Computer
Federation Navy Tracking Computer

Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Heavy Energy Neutralizer I|
Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Bastion Module I
Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Small Tractor Beam II
Neutron Blaster Cannon II

Large Capacitor Control Circuit II
Large Capacitor Control Circuit II

Void L
Federation Navy Antimatter Charge L
Null L
Tracking Speed Script x2
Optimal Range Script x2

  • Drones
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but you kill less BS while tracting the can. 2.8k DPs in blaster, 2k in rail.

Also I usually keep shooting rats on the field with bastion off because anyhow I need to wait for the bastion timer at the gate. so may as well shoot BS rather than wait 30s at the gate.

That’s your issue.

What is very good for a context may be bad in general.

The best thing to do is to test both type of weapons and see what fits best to your play style. Kronos is a beast of a ship, you can have good dps at long range with railguns, or insane dps at close/medium range with blasters. In some missions the railguns will have an edge if you want to stay still and just shoot (like The Blockade), with blasters you will have to combine MJD+MWD to close the gap, but if you get close to them, you just shred them.

One aspect I think is not necessary, Marauders have a really high combination of dps and tank, good additional bonus to the weapons, is not necessary to spend very much on faction/deadspace modules. I only invested 100M in modules in my Kronos, the only faction module is a Shadow Serpenties Large Armor Repairer, and the ship still performs like hell. And believe me, I had multi billion fits on my Marauders in the past. Of course, if you’re not very confident in some missions, at least some attention to tank.

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I can think of 3 missions were blaster is better than railgun(damsel, pirat invasion, and the one with a single mid drone BS). Other than that, the requirement to change position is a no-go

True, but if you’re just blitzing Damsel a few hundred thousand ISK one way or the other isn’t really a deal breaker in the grand scheme of things. I prefer having one setup that’s optimal for 95%+ of mission scenarios as opposed to a separate blaster fit that’s maybe only ideal with a handful of missions (or even rooms).

Any mission where you have to switch to Null ammo for blasters is almost always faster with railguns.

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It’s more in M (don’t forget your rail also track badly) But yeah compared to the actual value of the mission it’s not very important

Worlds Collide Serpentis+Guristas is a mixed bag, but when you reach the last pocket and you have that fine groups of BSs in 10km range, you just pulverize them really quick with Blasters and Void Charges.

Guristas is definitely faster with railguns. With a MJD, Worlds can be faster with blasters - but you’ll be running Null in 1-2 of the rooms, so I’m not sure it’s a huge savings when you have to give up a mid for travel.

Again, any time you have to switch to Null you’re further ahead with railguns.


You really have only one option for blasters, but you have 3 choices for railguns. Dual 250mm and 350mm are both viable options.

L4 Missioning in a Kronos is one of the few areas where there is a third option: Mixed Guns.
Yes, I realise the (capital H) Heresy I’m suggesting but hear me out.
For some missions with close enemies (especially Angels that like to brawl) then Blasters are a clear winner. However, there are a few missions (Mordus Headhunters comes to mind) where you have groups within Null blaster range but also pockets at 70-80km out. With two Blasters and 2 Railguns you can target everything in the room and be able to apply good damage to it. Split your fire between close and far and work your way to the mid range where both Blasters and Rails apply well. Bear in mind that in Bastion mode, you effectively have the firepower of a normal Blaster Megathron and a normal Rail Megathron.

Is it the most effective tactic? In a few missions, yes. In all (or even most) missions? No (esp. missions like Damsel is always better to use full Blasters and blap them with Void)

Is it fun? In my opinion, absolutely!

With a mixed gun setup a Kronos can effectively apply damage to everything within targeting range (110km+). Of course, so can a missile boat (Golem, Raven, etc) but you have the advantage of instant application. With good gunnery skills, the only thing you can’t reliably hit are frigates at sub 10km range, and for that you use drones to clear them off. Personally I always kill frigates before all else and leave the drones for anything I didn’t kill before it closed the distance.

If you care about super effective Isk per hour, probably not the most efficient (but if you care about Isk/hour then don’t do L4s; just go to null and rat/krab), but it is quite fun because you really don’t compromise your tank, your dps is still monstrous, but it is rather fun.

Just my (Heretical) Two-Iskies

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The issue with heterogeneous gunery is that it is, in every situation, worse than a dedicated ship.

Let’s say you have 2 gun slots, and they deal 100DPS with a short-range gun typed and 70 with the long-range.

  • At close range you have 170DPS instead of the 200DPS you would have with short-range homogeneous.
  • at long range you have 70DPS instead of the 140 you would have with long-range homogeneous

What’s more, it means you need the modules that are required for both long and shot range : MJD+TC(+sebo ?) for the long, tank+grappler for the short