Kruul's Pleasure Gardens

Did CCP improved the explosion graphics? Or am I seeing things?

Looks like all explosions that send stuff away got improved.

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I set all my graphics to High so I probably wouldn’t be able to tell and I can’t check until I’m able to get online next month :disappointed_relieved:
But it wouldn’t surprise me that they did improve the Ka-Boom graphics. After all, why play EVE if it isn’t for the explosions?

I like collecting stuff and putting it in piles.

Though admittedly the best stuff does tend to fall out of other people’s explosions.

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I want more pleasure! I want explosion of pleasure!
Where is the pleasure I am asking.

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The only thing I like putting in piles is the polen gathered in my grinder :wink:

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exotic food?

In a can of TAB cola.

Under my skirt :hugs:



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I don’t know what time frame we’re talking about. There aren’t any recent upgrades to explosions that I am aware of, but some years ago the explosion graphics were given an upgrade to add that expanding ring, and extra general flashiness. If it’s been quite a while between the explosions in your earlier memories and your recent ones, that could be the change you’re detecting.

Kruul haremu anime when?

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Yeah, I came to realize I don’t pay much attention to the game…

The only viable reason for walking in stations is to attend Kruuls party pad and finally meet the damsel in person.

Personally I want to visit the Quafe girls.

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