Large Explosions

Myself and other members of my corp are noticing that some of the LARGE explosions seem to be screwed up. What’s up with that?


Some cheap ■■■■■■ didn’t pack a full load of powder in the warheads?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Explosions haven’t been an issue for me, they look even better than before the update.
Do you run NVIDIA? If yes, have you downloaded the newest updates?

installed latest nvidia driver, no change, some of the orange explosions still show the chequered pattern

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Driver or update? Those are two different things. You should open the NVIDIA window and there should be all sorts of updates listed ( looks like a “store page”)

even after a cold boot (i.e. power off power on)

Put all graphics settings in potato mode, then start turning them back on one by one and see which setting is causing it…

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I don’t understand how we all download the same files and we have different results so maybe it’s your graphics card itself then. How many Gigs does it have?
As soon as I got my puter I added Memory and changed the graphics card on it.
It may also be different from laptop to tower… Different components

As mentioned…this happens to more than just myself and I’m running a gaming rig with plenty of horse power. Also…some explosions look just fine while others are all patchy. Have you seen all the explosions since the update? Maybe you’ve just haven’t run into it yet…

I’m leaning more towards some mistake on Eve’s end during the last graphics update.

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There is a bug with this explosion, witnessed it yesterday, and sometimes other things. Since the new graphic update to the game. Looks like some things need ironing out for everything to look smooth.

Can take decades.


I love your optimism :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have the same issue since the graphical update but couldnt be bothered.

Always a valid suggestion. Would take a ton of time because afaik it’s only discrete structures like sentry towers that have a chance of producing that specific type of explosion. I assume that ccp knows exactly, or can trace what they changed with the last update.

This new bug has been commented on by multiple people in several threads. If they all file bug reports then ccp will have more insight into the hardware, os and drivers used and may find a common source. There’s more to it than just the driver.

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I never thought explosions are looking nice but it might be because i run on low graphics.

My graphics card is fully updated, having the same issue.

It’s not checkers it’s chess, get your pixels correct.

This issue has been commented upon in other threads. The cause is a post-processing bug in the game. If you turn off post-processing the issue goes away as noted by DeMichael Crimson here.

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