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Krypted is an open-source community management platform written in Python by Krypted Gaming. It was originally influenced by tools like SeAT and Allianceauth, with a greater focus on being easily extendable and multi-purpose. It’s been used by our community for nearly 3 years now for everything from EVE Online corporations to World of Warcraft guilds.

  • Easily extendable by Django Python packages
  • Simple, scalable installation with Docker
  • Flexible package design to enable more than just EVE communities

In December 2019, we released version 4 of our platform.

Core Features

These features are shipped by default with Krypted, and are enabled by your personal settings.

  1. Accounts. Easily create accounts that are extended by a wide range of packages (e.g connecting Discord tokens, ESI tokens, and more).
  2. Application Management. Easily create application templates for prospective recruits to fill out. Audit their EVE Online characaters (with the EVE package) and process their applications. Automatically add or remove groups based on actions.
  3. Group Management. Create groups that can be linked to Discord (with the Discord package) or other third party programs. Allow users to request groups, and process group requests. Extendable by packages to link groups (or group requests) to corporations, alliances, or even character skills verified by ESI.

The purpose of these core extensions is to be enhanced by game-related packages. For example, with the EVE Online core package enabled- ESI characters will show up when viewing applications.


Extensions are written in the form of Python packages, for a full list of packages view our documentation.

Here are a few of the packages that the Krypted team maintains,

  • EVE Online connector (ESI support for characters, corporations, alliances)
  • EVE Online entity extensions (ESI support for skills, mails, transactions,etc. Great for audits)
  • EVE Online timerboard (create and track EVE Online timers)
  • EVE Online doctrine manager (create fittings, doctrines, and check against player skills)
  • EVE Online group states (enable groups based on corporations, alliances, and other ESI entities)
  • Discord connector (sync Discord users, groups, and channels)
  • Discourse connector (sync Discourse users and groups)

We have many more extensions planned for the future, and are looking forward to working with other developers to create something awesome.

More Information

  1. GitHub Repository
  2. Documentation
  3. Discord


Doctrine Extension

Group Requests

EVE Entity Extensions


Is this program similar to Fleet-Up? Can it be modified to work like Fleet-Up?

It can easily be modified to work like Fleet-Up with a few modules, you have access to all of the character data (skills, etc). The doctrine module is an example of FleetUp-like functionality… checks skills against fittings and manages doctrines & fittings.

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