KWFN: Looking for active and Friendly

Hey all , We are KWFN , Killer Whale Free Navy .

We are a corporation who is looking for active players , both new and old , and returning . We have alot we can offer you as a player. We have regular mining fleets , we have many moons to mine , we have both High sec and Low sec and as of recently we have a Worm hole space with many good opportunities. We also have a buy back program , SRP , and also we have a fair amount of PVP we get into. We are not a hardcore pvp corp , but we do engage in roams , and system defense.

What we want from you
-5million SP - This is an easy one , this tells us you have atleast gotten through the tutorials and the game basics.

  • Voice comms for both verification and socializing
  • Be active - a must for anyone these days
  • Submission to a ESI check - This is so we know you are who you are .

What we provide you :

  • SRP - if you lose a ship in qualified fleets ( it is annouced) we will replace your ship or give you the isk to do so.

  • High sec and Low sec and Worm Hole mining .

  • Defense of LS and WH mining

  • Many moons to mine

  • Preferred tax rates at all our structures.

  • and sooo soo much more

If you are interested in a relaxed , chilled , all around game experience , i implore you to talk to us , and perhaps apply , in game feel free to send Whompus a message or look for our corp ad in game.

Fly safe

bumpity bump bump

Still looking for more people :smiley:

Looking for MOAR! :slight_smile:

MOARR , All the applicants !

Could use a few more good pilots and people

Fun Friendly place , we have alot to offer , social , wormhole , lowsec , high sec . plenty of content , and more to come

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