L1-L2 blitzing - ratting locations

Goodmorning! I am looking for a proper location to do some blitz - ratting. Got an Algos with 175+ dps and around 2900+ shield. I also looking for someone to fleet up tonight for blitz-ratting. Note, that i dont have experience about this, so if anyone willing to help me - learn me, i would apreciate that!

I will be online from 15:00 (server time) for 6 hours at least maybe 9.

If there is any suggestion for other ship, i got also stratios but i am underskilled for stratios fitting.

Any ideas-suggestions would be welcome. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Probably would help if you mentioned which area of space you are situated at, at least which empire but even better if region too as it might take a lot of jumps from a completely different area of space to meet up.

@Uriel_the_Flame Thanks for reply, you are right, i am in Galente space, region : Verge vendor

cormorant, then moa and ferox.

Skip L1 - just skill some social skills for that. L2 can be easely done in passive shield Gnosis, L3 - same ship but active tank.

what ?

Nah, the opposite. Shield buffer is good for blizing L3s, raw DPS (no tank) for blitzing L2s.

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