L33t Graphics

Yea, i know that that says stuff about hologram and VR. but considering you can get greater detail in the same amount of framerates, and the technology seems versatile enough, should there be a collab? i know i’ve zoomed in extra hard on some of my ships and wished they had a lil more detail. could it also, since you could scan stuff to use in game, even if the list of items would be rather small, could give some time back to devs?

Either that, or if you even watched it to the end could be a suggestion of what to do with Valkyrie, considering it sounds like i’d have a bigger stake there then on steam (no offense :wink:)

Could you please translate that post into something coherent?

What are you actually suggesting?

CCP team up with these guys to make eve the forefront of graphics technology?

…kinda have to watch the vid for that sentence to mean more than “MOAR GRAPHIX”

I wouldn’t be opposed to them hiring a gfx artist to go and put extraordinary graphical detail into their models. But that’s only because a gfx artist can’t fix problems, so it isn’t a mismanagement of dev time.

Of course… CCP did just fire a bunch of staff. So odds of them hiring someone capable are slim.

As a matter of principle, I don’t click on stuff other people post without an explanation of what it is they’re posting. I refuse to add to people’s click counters.

Even with the video, it’s still nothing more that “MOAR GRAPHIX.”

I’m going to make a prediction, in 10 years every game will be made with this technology.

That is what a lot of people said about VR and CCP was forced to leave that tech behind and fire people because was not.

As with VR, I think it won’t be a game changer for the industry. But it will give a lot of other ideas for other things to be possible with the tech, but outside gaming.

I do not think that CCP will invest in this type of tech as they do with VR, maybe explore it when is more developed.

Industry professionals made the same prediction when the Nintendo VirualBoy came out. We see how long it took tech to get from that to what we’ve currently got.

And innovation is slowing down.

How something looks will never be as important as how something plays.

That’s true, but irrelevant, as there are hundreds of millions of instinct driven people who don’t know better.

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