So how is that VR thing going CCP?

Good article on VR, specifically Facebook’s Oculus project.
You know, the wagon that CCP hitched their VR game to.

Bottom line, two price drops in the past year because VR is not even close to sales expectations.
Guess CCP can’t cut Eve loose quite yet after all.

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I watched the lawnmower man in the 90’s regarding VR. The oculus is too pricey and I love my 4 k monitor.

Maybe vr headsets for the new generation, but I think the older player base prefers their classic desktop arrangement.

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The past 2 years has been terribly disappointing for any VR other than porn and naked chicks. That aspect of VR is booming. But Spaceship rail shooter VR?

ANOTHER DUD BY CCP when they try to create anything that isnt EVE.

Will they ever learn? Ccp you do EvE well. Great even. Stop using all of EvE’s profits to siphon them off to mew projects that arent EvE year after year.


It’s interesting to see the results considering the jaw dropping impact VR seemed to have on everyone when they first tried it.

I wonder if that means it hasn’t been figured out for gameplay yet, the price & requirements are too high for adoption, or it’s just not comfortable enough for longer than a demo.

inb4 CCP is now known as a pioneer for VR games that aren’t minigame hells or VR hentai. This pleases potential investors.

Just saying.

The price, and the Gear VR / cardboard that deliver a really subpar experience. Would you buy a 700$ vive/rift when your only experience is of the Rift DK1 and some crappy smartphone screen split in two ?

If CCP were anywhere remotly smart, they would work on next generation EvE. At least they would be working on a Project where they have decades of expirience.

VR is hard to sell for the simplest of reason; Nobody wants to attatch sh*t to their face, just to game alittle.


For me it’s more like, the current tech doesn’t deliver $700 worth of visual quality or immersive experience.

CCP’s move to link a game solely to VR is like, how arrogant can you be? Your EVE struggles to deliver $15 worth of visual quality (shitty skin colors as a prime example), and you think yourselves competent enough to put out a $700 game?


More VR business reality from Bloomberg.

Facebook’s Virtual Reality Runs Into Real Reality By Shira Ovide

VR is sure not like scuba diving. Does not even comes close. Diving is great fun.

Things are going great in VR for CCP Games. With the coming Sparc™ for PlayStationVR this year.

CCP Games’ Sparc™ to Launch Exclusively on PlayStation®VR …

Again, great idea having only on 1 platform. Wasn’t that the deal with Dusty420?


Hehe, the football and chess don’t need VR to become a better game, which they was during the last millennium.

The EVE become an iconic MMORPG not due to “mambo jambo” special effects, but because we can do 101 things in the game in, probable, 101 different ways…


Games which only run on 1500+ $ hardware are not successful in the mass market.
Who would have thunk it?
No one could have preditcted this! No one!

It was as unpredicable as the failure of Dust 514! No one knew before that releasing a FPS exclusivley on a console that has reached the end of its life cycle is a bad idea!


I bought an expensive gaming rig that I kinda went nuts on. If I hadn’t bought components wholesale it would’ve been in the range of $6000 US…unassembled.

I saw the occulus and saw potential, then I looked at the price and as stated before, I love my 3x4k setup…don’t need VR. I’m immersed in a similar fashion, except I can do multiple things at once. Play a game, watch a movie, and browse, that’s immersion. Perhaps why I post so much.

this is why i dont get sony vr
is vr really gonna work on a ps4

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Should be available on multiple platforms…only reason I didn’t play dust was because I didn’t have the console it was on, and no want for it for a single game.

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For owning a PSVR and valkyrie and a couple other games, I feel like it is a very neat thing that allows new interactions with the game (in valkyrie, there’s a fighter class that shoots where you are looking, including when you turn your head 90° on a side), and allows a better immersion for some games (look up Until Dawn: Rush of Blood), but you need to tailor the game for it. On the graphics side, it is really lacking. Valkyrie on PS4 (regular, day one version) looks like a mediocre PS3 game running at 480p on your living room 40" TV.

Tl;Dr really good new interactions, can feel good if you use some visual tricks, but doesn’t look nearly as good as a regular console game. “console” used in a pejorative way.

oh so they lower the graphics to get smooth framerate
well it might not be so terrible if it can create a good atmosphere

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VR probably would have worked better if it didn’t split on so many platform. Any kind of traction the industry as a whole get is split in too many small parts.

True. Especially since it is spreading to platforms that were never designed with VR in mind and cannot provide a good experience. I’m thinking about the PS4, probably the pro version too, XBONE, and all the android phones that can’t even reach 90 fps in the first place.

yep, all comes down to cost. prices need to be at least half to get mass market attention. At current prices and tech specs you are only hitting the upper end of the enthusiast market. Insert comment about the 1% of the 1%