So how is that VR thing going CCP?

(Scatim Helicon) #22

Fixed for the key issue. VR has caught on much better in certain niches where it fits in effectively - it’s pretty mainstream in the flight sim and racing sim communities where the immersion offers something genuinely game-changing on already established full titles. But chasing the VR bubble with something that people get bored of and switch off after ten minutes isn’t going to do anything except tip money down the drain.

(Frostys Virpio) #23

You also have the VHS/Beta and blue-ray/HD-DVD type of BS going around with this with people not dumping money into it because they don’t know where the train will go. Putting 700$ into a platform that might be a dead-end is something only early adopter really want to deal with. There might not be only 1 platform at the end but currently, there are still too many.

(FlipMoe Squad) #24

I bought a friggin’ Blu ray burner…how do you think I feel? I just felt the compulsion for a optical drive.
Being old sucks. Anyone wanna play frisbee with my writeable blu rays?

(Chainsaw Plankton) #25

how platform specific is VR anyways? I thought most of it just ran on windows and you could use whatever headset.

(Frostys Virpio) #26

The playstation one and some that just run off a phone for example are still there cutting the market into smaller pieces.

(Lulu Lunette) #27

Video games have been in an awkward place for like over ten years now. I think the big one started with the original Wii where tons of people who weren’t gamers were buying them to do Wii Bowling and ever since it’s like they all wanna try and be the next big thing.

I just wanna veg out on my couch and play using just a controller I don’t need a WiiBoard or an Occulus Rift or the PlayStation Move or whatever other stuff they wanna conjur up.

(Scipio Artelius) #28

How did I miss this? Carrie-Anne is back.

Forums are going to be interesting.

(Gregorius Goldstein) #29

Space games are perfect for VR because most of us don’t know how it is to be in space. Therefore the illusion to be in space is easier to create than - let’s say- the illusion to drive a car. Most of us exactly know how it feels to drive a car.

To jump on the VR bandwaggon is risky, but I think NOT jumping on it would be even riskier on the long run.

(Tanuki Kittybeta) #31

it is very heavy i dont like it

(Shalua Rui) #32

Aside from Elite Dangerous, the industry is yet to produce anything that isn’t a proof of concept or uses VR as a gimmick… that includes Valkyrie. Just making it VR, doesn’t make a game innovative or even good.

(Nana Skalski) #34

And stories about how mother came in and he didnt notice anything because of “complete immersion”. :relieved:

(Lulu Lunette) #35

His father mad because “he’s playing that damn video game again!” :triumph:


(Shiloh Templeton) #36

It would be worse if it’s combined with augmented reality and the anime girl changes to his mother when she walks in the room.

(Krima Sumyungi) #37

You mean buyers, not investors. CCP has been for sale on the market for like a year already. Noone wants to buy what they’re selling so far.

(Candente) #38

Don’t give microsoft any of those ideas!

(Carrie-Anne Moss) #40

They reaaaally didnt like when I copy-pasted Erotica1s Merry Christmas wish to the eve-o forums a couple years back.

Im going to be good from now on though.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #41

What makes elite good in vr? I’ve only ever played the tech demo version of Valkyrie which was pure joy to play. Obviously needed some work to be a full game but the core game play seemed great. I haven’t really looked into the details of anything VR though.

(JC Mieyli) #42

kinda curious

(Shalua Rui) #44

Well, it’s the closest thing I ever saw to a fully fledged spaceship cockpit simulation, especially when played with a hotas, and it was like that pretty much from the start. Valkyrie came close, but Elite is just so much more “game”, not just a an arena shooter… even though Elite got that one too in the form of CQC. In it’s current iteration, ED let’s you can even land on (some) planets, drive around with a buggy and there is even multiplayer with multiple pilots controlling one ship now… all that in very well done VR.

(78 Aster) #45

I was given the opportunity to experience new VR tech and augmented reality from a corporate visit but I declined on the count of, “if I already have a hard time telling the difference between a dream and waking up, how much damage would being put into a game world do?”

Also, high price, too demanding, makes sucky youtube videos, not good enough, who wants to stand for hours just to play a game… etc.

CCP hasn’t always made the smartest choices… that’s why they ditch the games people love and take the features people came here for, having the name of the Chinese Communist Party… I think