L4 mission sniper besides Dominix?

DED 4/10 is no comparison for most of lvl 4 missions. If it will comfortably do 5/10 then it should be considered.


How about a Rokh? That can do 100Kish with a tracking computer and enhancer pretty easily

Rokh has zero dmg bonus. It can do it like anything with 100 Km range but it will be extremely slow.

If you guys just want to snipe, get attack BC’s. I didn’t do numbers but I guess that naga will beat rokh just for that 5% DMG bonus. BC also have MJD. If you only can tank initial aggro it will rip

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yer not bad.

What Am I doing in a mission runner thread? XD

Hyperion (rails) and Machariel (Autos, Barrage, 100km falloff) come to mind.

Why though? Most spawns are either at 50km and if any are at 100, you have the MJD to land at any range you find comfortable.

a well skilled paladin pilot with implants can even ignore the em/therm dmg lock in this case.

pulses that hit out to 100kmish depending on what your fitting, MJD available if you need it but honestly its a fly in, park and vaporize ship with long range.

an example a very explosive dmg geared mission like enemies abound 5 with right skills fit and conflag still takes down the darkanas in short order and near one shots all the others. instant switch scorch and conflag based on distance.

and when your in amarr space the thing is even better with all your em/therm rat based missions that melt like butter while you laugh at entire room aggro.

Get ganked. Sitting at beacon in siege mode is first step to lose marduer

because everyone missions 2 jumps from jita right?

also dont use bastion its not even necessary in any L4 mission

Well there is no point in explaining this if your reference for ganking is distance from hits…

i know exactly what your explaining and it is of no point here.

im not using bastion
im not missioning in crowded hubs
i have plenty of ganker alliances/corps/individuals flagged
i am aligned to station while running
i am using dscan when unknowns or large groups suddenly enter system

and yes, u can suck a fat one

well saying “shoot at long range” implies using bastion.
Also, nothing is wrong with using bastion. it’s a good tool, it’s ■■■■ because it anchors you, but you can MJD, bastion, and you are pretty safe.

scorch is 85km with falloff virtuallly everything starts heading toward you and they just go down quick
switch to conflag for non em hole things when they get around 45km

i suppose i could pop out with bastion to get longer range etc but to be honest dont really need it and i dont get stuck in place.

you deal 40% of your DPs at falloff …

guess ill switch to domi then

I was answering to your

that implies that you were using bastion.

I really like the Nestor, very versatile ship with beams and scorch or radio can go over a 100km easily, drop the MTU, reel in prizes, salvage, and still field sentry drones with T-2 drone mod you can be hitting stuff up to 100km with caldari sen drones.

And you still get to fit a probe launcher and do sites.

except i have 85/98 without bastion and 95/115 with bastion on scorch… shrug

yes, so you hit at 100 with bastion, you don’t without.

More precisely you do less than 35% of your DPS at 100.
While you do 80% in bastion.

Why not just take a Railgun Vindy or Megathron.