L4s in a Vedmak

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Just to clarify some more on ammo costs, I’ll give you 2 examples. In angel extravaganza, the bounties from 1-1 1/2 roms basically cover the ammo, depending how much of it I use. Then I still have the bounties from other rooms, then the mission completion payout, then bonus, and then of course the LP.

In contrast, I finished Duo of Death using 27 rounds. Thats it. Had my drones kill their drones and I used 27 Occult M to kill both battleships.

So as you see it really isn’t that bad. If you do it, or when you do it, I highly recommend you start with plugging a fit into PYFA and adjusting it a bit to your playstyle, do not drop that DPS so keep 3 sinks, this is where a lot of the fun is. the ingame simulator will only give you DPS for the 1st cycle, whereas in PYFA you will see your spooled up DPS + implants if you choose to use them. If you do, I recommend the 2 capacitor implants (volume, regen) and 2 turret implants ( tracking, rate of fire). Last one whatever.

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There is possibly one mission where I can see the Leshak have a use, maybe. I generally blitz so it might seem counterintuitive but the Angel Pirate Invasion mission you have to do a MJD jump and kill 8 BS. I generally do it in a polarized Vargur with hail (so exp/kin damage) or a polarized Kronos (kin/ther damage) Both are in the 1.3k dps and both need to use bastion to survive initial incoming dps. It’ll be in Occult range and it does the right damage (Expl/Therm) I think the Leshak might be able to compete but it’ll be a while before I have T2 guns and BS V.

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six . I just had it and thought of this, it was 6 (maybe it can be more ?)

however the BS go down very fast. 1100 mach DPS with all IV (spec IV) and they melt pretty fast. So I don’t think why using a lesh would be better.

The only interesting part is, if the heat goes as slow as a marauder’s .

(Fluffy Moe) #24

According to PYFA an unblinged fully spooled up leshak has DPS higher then a blinged RS. So perhaps there is a PVE space for it out in the anoms etc. But I really don’t think its good for missions. Too short range and too much trouble dealing with small targets. You can MJD or MWD away but if you have a lot of them too many will be already on you by the time you can kill whatever you can kill as they’re closing in.

As far as the Vedmak goes, its pretty solid, I started on blitz runs and its going very good, especially on the ones requiring to loot the mission objective, it excels. I’ll try it out for few weeks and see how it goes.

On multiple BSes its no problem either, they can’t hit me while I do quite a bit of damage to them.

Biggest problem I had in it was while runnign some 6/10s. I got overconfident and got neuted / webbed / scrammed at same time by a full spawn. Almost died. I have to really watch my range against some of the mobs, need to retain 20-30km on them, if I go under 20 I get neuted if I go over 30 I can’t hit them. It took me a while to learn how to ease from orbit to specific orbit, how to optimize the movement. Once I got it down though its no problem now. But I can’t slack off like in a battleship.

(Anderson Geten) #25

wait until the structure webs you from 60km and uses torpedoes, while 10 frigs come point and web you even more and you can’t do a thing, meanwhile the structure has a 1400 DPS repping.
(I think it’s a ded8 or ded10)

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For the 6/10s are you using the fit listed in the first post?

(Fluffy Moe) #27

That has already happened, well, more specifically the multiple webbing sentries at 60-70-80 ish km out. I do not plan to go higher then 6/10s in this ship as I am already pushing the boundaries. Any higher and I will just lose my ship. So unless I see some stat changes or some new modules or something alike I think this is it for Vedmak. L4s and 6/10s. I wouldn’t even do the L4 epic arcs in it unless at least multiboxing, definitely not doable solo. You need a decent battleship for that.

(Fluffy Moe) #28

Slightly altered. I had no choice but to go deadspace on the rep to achieve better HP / time / cap. I needed to get better reps while retaining a bit more cap. Ship / fit cost total jumped up to about 800 mil, which is still pretty good, better then any decent fit battleship or even T3C and the costs on all the Triglavian stuff are actually going down and they will be much cheaper still before they settle. Rest of it is exactly the same. Also, the upper high utility slots, you can put whatever you like in them. My default preferred is 2x small armor rep for drones and 1x small tractor beam for when I have to get the loot, like oversser’s thingy or objective and its stuck or in access unfriendly location like behind walls or fences etc. I also have not experimented going with nosferatus yet, this might actually help quite a bit, but the ship doesn’t have too much powergrid and I really like to retain at minimum 1 small remote rep, so we’ll see.

Also I carry a booster with me, the 20% rep one and If get into a jam I pop it. The 20% boosters are fairly cheap, go from around 3 to 5 mil a pop, usually around 4 mil depending market swings. And 20% side effects can be entirely negated by level 4 Neurotoxin Control and Neurotoxin Recovery skills so you are guaranteed to not have any sideffects when it wears off. Note that I had to use it only 1 time so far, this was in a DED 6/10 site where there was a ton of various EWAR.

I forgot to add, twice I had people warp in on me and managed to get away because Vedmak is a pretty quick ship, also by default since you have to get close to targets due to its limited weapon range you also by default do not sit by the gate. Anyone coming through a gate can’t go through it cloaked so you immediately see them. This is a pretty big advantage actually vs doing them in a battleship or something slower / bigger that just sits there aligned by the landing point as it gives you plenty of time to get out. things would have of course turned out differently if they were to warp in on me while I was engaged while being scrammed, but that did not happen.

(Anize Oramara) #29

Do you think you’d be able to do the higher rated sites with 2-3 spider tanking Vedmaks?

(Fluffy Moe) #30

Yes. But it would be quite a lot of work keeping the spider tank within range of each otehr as you would still have to do a lot of fancy flying. At times you need to keep exact range on tagets, for example 20-30km so you dont get neuted or 7.5-10km for best applied DPS while using Occult ammo. This at some times can already be a bit challenging and requires active play. Now imagine having to do the same while flying 3 ships where in addition they all have to keep in range of each other. So for this reason it would not be viable for multiboxing or anyone that does not know how to almost perfectly speed tank and use transversals. You would need an actual group of players doing it.

Fits of course would be different, but in a group you don’t need 3 sinks in lows for the DPS, 2 or even 1 would suffice so you could optimize the fit for spider tanking to at least some degree.

(Fluffy Moe) #31

Hi, have given it more shots ?

I’m thinking taking my fit in there also, the changes I think I might make is to stay with the deadspace rep and put in a cap booster instead of recharger.

So I’d be interested in how it goes a bit down the line.

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My skill tree is currently working on the Leshak so the Vedmak testing will have to wait. Although I’m sceptical if it’s a consistently viable build for T3s without mid grade implants tbh.

(Fluffy Moe) #36

We’ll see. I will be doing some Abyss stuff since I want to see the updated building mat rates, but I will be starting off with my regular set up. Once I am done I will come back to the Vedmak and run them at that time, might be a long while though.

(Dragos Highwind) #37

Finally got to take my Vedmak out last night as I was waiting on more skill buildup before risking the ship. I have to agree, it’s a blast to fly though slightly underwhelming in performance. The worst part by far is the ammo cost, which I don’t see coming down any time soon, if at all unless they drastically increase material drop rates.

The Crystalline Isogen-10 and Zero-Point Condensate are the most expensive cost in the blueprint by a long shot. Sadly, the T1 blueprint requires 3 Cry and 85 Z-P Cond for 1000 ammo while the T2 requires 9/145 for 5000 ammo. Mixed with the fact that T1 BPC have 0 material redux and T2 BPC can be invented with redux means T2 will always be less expensive. Hopefully the 1k ammo production is an error they will fix at some point.

Taking a 800m cruiser is risky, but burning through 11k isk every ~4 seconds is pretty damn painful. Personally I’d prefer to see a faster ramp up speed for the smaller turrets. 15%, 10%, 5% respectively as to match the prefered targets of each weapon. Keep the Bonus cap the same so Light would have ~30 seconds to full ramp, heavy ~60 seconds, and Super ~180. Each is still a REALLY long time for focusing on one of their respective targets.

Sorry for the random rant. Just like many here i enjoy the ship and hope it becomes more viable.

(Fluffy Moe) #38

800 mil cruiser really isnt bad considering the price of battleships. the ammo, CCP really needs to reduce the production costs, even with the implimentation of drills in the abyss I’m still not seeing any additional isogen. Even when I go for the drills I end up gettign mostly condensate or data sheets with just some Isogen here and there. I do get quite a bit of extra condensate though and I do see its price coming down in Jita, but not Isogen, if anything Isogen is even more expensive now because now we have more ships to build thus reducing the supply even more.

In the future I plan to do the same thing with the battlecruiser. It has significantly more DPS and +20% resits at level 5 skill. I’m thinking make a brawler fit like the old Sleipnirs were. plus you get to fit a command module on it. It will take me a while though, I haven’t been lucky on skillbooks and so far only had the destroyer skillbook drop and I do not intent to buy it.

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Could you perhaps share that Tengu fit?

(Fluffy Moe) #40

Its a Vedmak thread … what Tengu fit ? There are so many.