Laid back Nullsec group has an opening for 1 or 2 corps and is looking for pilots

Hi there, This is prolly the 10th ad your reading. Not going to put the textwall here.

  • Nullsec ( dronespace ) NO WE DO NOT RENT
    lots of drones to shoot, 10-10s to run etc etc ( even R64 moons to mine jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj)
  • pvp Small scale, fun stuff
  • Money making when we want to
  • All facilitys you can think of we profide

We have 1 or maybe 2 slots for corps to join us and MLS is also looking for
a few good members.

We require:

  • Understanding of the game ( or willing to learn)
  • Dramafree mindset
  • Willing to fight
  • Able to use TS and have a mic,( no need to sing, but at least be able to talk)
  • Kinde active. Always RL first!! but we do look for weekly loggins

If your looking for a place to enjoy the game, have good fights and good fun, contact me.
Or jump in our ts for a chat TS adres: no PW

See you in space!!

Really cool bunch of guys!! Check them out and come have a chat!!!

Daily bump!!

Looking for a few good pilots who like to enjoy the game, shoot peeps in da face , have fun and 1 or 2 corps that want to do the same.

Join us for a chat : -RV- Embassy

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