Lancer Dreads and unfair game mechanics

On Discord I’m sure. But time will tell.

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Yea, it was sad to watch the CSM inverviews “feel free to send me a message in game or on discord” and literally nobody messaged on the forums.

The forums…well, this “new-age” abomination of a messageboard/forum/twitter hybrid thing that replaced the actual forums, really doesn’t get nearly enough attention from CSM members.

Hopefully brisk stays around out of habit and still posts, even as a non-CSM poster like the rest of us.

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You cant send messages on the forums. I think if they didnt have to come here for csm elections they wouldnt come here

There is an entire section of the forums dedicated to CSM topics, and for the CSM to talk with players – you are posting message(s) on it currently.

There is no private messaging, perhaps, but every single message posted on this forum are messages.

which was the entire point I was trying to get across, as unfortunate as it is.

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Could it be because there isn’t enough active members on this forum?

I just apparently have enough brain cells to have a civil conversation - something you apparently lack.

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People may need to understand the lance mechanics a bit better before passing judgement. Adapting isn’t quite as easy as you suggest.

JFs still have to get to the HS gate, and they have to land right on it or else they are dead. So targeting isn’t an issue given that lances are aoe and do not have to target a ship in order to affect it. You just aim toward the HS gate.

JFs also warp and decelerate so slowly that if a Lancer is on the gate they can wait until the JF enters grid before firing. The timing isn’t that clever since (unlike any other weapon in the game) the lance can affect you while you are still “invulnerable” during warp decel.

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You are never „invulnerable“ during a warp, including warp deceleration.

Untargetable? Yes. But not invulnerable. Hence why Smartbombing works even mid warp. And has this way for 2 decades.

So your „unlike any other weapon in the game“ statement is factually incorrect. Kind of ironic given the tone of your „gotta understand the mechanics first“ post.

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The only invulnerability timers I know of are after undock, after entering of gate/hole, and during docking (after docking was acknowledged).

There is no invulnerability timer during warp.

Warp Invulnerability Timer

The Warp Invulnerability Timer is a hidden 10 second timer that keeps your ship invulnerable and untargetable immediately after exiting Warp. Performing any action such as moving or starting to lock a (non-invulnerable) target will break this timer, allowing you to be targeted. This timer can be exploited in small fleets, by having one fleet member deliberately take an action before the others, thus making them vulnerable first and the target of hostile aggression. However, this timer is also why Guardian and Basilisk pilots must start moving as soon as possible after exiting warp so that their fellow logistics pilots can lock them as targets and establish their cap chain. (see Guide to Logistics.) Note that this timer does not start until after exiting warp, meaning your ship is still vulnerable to weapons such as Smartbombs during the final seconds of your warp deceleration.

This timer cannot be observed, however, it is possible to see if it is active, either on someone else by attempting to lock a target and having it immediately fail because it is still protected by the timer; or on yourself by trying to activate an Abyssal Filament and noticing an error that “your ship is invulnerable.”

I think there’s some subtle talking-past here.

As noted in the paragraph you quoted: it is after a warp that this timer begins. During a warp there is no invulnerability, has never been.

It is nice to inform darkestkhan Eriker, but the original motivation from Edgseid Eriker was a claim specifically about “invulnerability during warp”.

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I guess. Though as he specifically listed several timers thought he might not be aware as it is a hidden and short one thus most people might not even notice it so seemed likely he might find it useful to learn about (and in extension all the timers listed in that article).

Edit: He specifically stated those are the only timers he’s aware of thus it is not just likely but seems factual he is not aware of any others.

Yeah, it’s just not a helpful timer for avoiding smartbombs nor a Lancer beam.

Didn’t say it is but as I am not aware all of the posts in the thread it might or might not be useful to add. More information can only be useful and even if not is not hurtful to the discussion. The people participating can decide what to do with the additional info.

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