Largest Independet Corps

What are the largest independent corporations in game? EVE Who does have a list, but I have a feeling Pandemic Horde High Sec Division is in fact part of Pandemic Horde rather than independent, just not part of the alliance formally. The solution for my curiosity might be just to look at the top 50 and then manually look into them to see if they are part of another organization, but the list seems to stop at 10.

A lot of the info is on Dotlan…

and territory Sov maps…

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Just curious, why are you looking for the largest independent corps?

Like you already linked, you can easily find a list of the biggest corporations that aren’t officially part of an alliance on EVE Who. But they might unofficially be part of one, like Karmafleet University is affiliated with Karmafleet, Pandemic Horde High Sec Division with Pandemic Horde and maybe others may not be independent either.

Anyway, the list of largest independent corps is like looking for the tallest midgets. There are many corporations that are bigger than the biggest independent corporations, even many secondary corporations in the big alliances are bigger than the biggest independent corp. At a certain scale I guess people start forming alliances though.

Curiosity got the better of me when someone in local claimed they were the fastest growing indie corp

Oh, fastest growing indie corp?

In relative or absolute numbers?

Relative is easy, just start at 0 and the first members that join you make you the fastest growing corp at the moment.

In absolute numbers, look for the deltas in the the growing corporations in and check which one does industry.

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even if it’s not
it is

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No he said fastest growing and linked it. The "largest’ took my attention once I got to the page.

was it absolute order? lol

By the way, I suspect that the current fastest growing (and number 5 biggest) independent corporation may be all just one player with his alts.

‘Anoikis Mapping Project’ consists of over a thousand characters with the same naming scheme, which I guess are Alpha alts to be seeded in every existing wormhole for easy mapping.


My 1 person indie corp grew by a massive 100% in one day…when my alt joined it.


I get a sense it’s the “true” number 2 biggest indie corp, but I was curious enough to want to know what are the biggest ones out there.

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