Late Night USTZ indi corp looking for New and Vet. players

We are a small indi corp that does a little bit of everything. When there isn’t anything else to do we mine HS…The rest of the time we are scanning wormholes and farming what’s inside, running abyssal, combat sites, scanning everything and using what makes ISK. PVP to break things up and spend some of that isk. New bro friendly we will help you get started the right way!!
The short goal is to get everyone self sufficient and trained in combat and industry, so that we have a group of diverse pilots that can react to whatever presents its self

We Offer
High Sec. base
Blue Print library
Mining boosts
Corp buy back on everything you harvest
Discounts on anything we make
T2 and T3 production
Network of resources and information you wont get from someone that’s newer to the game.
Casual play style do what you want when you want
Come Join our in game channel PR-UN
and lets see if we are a good fit for you!

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