Latest Patch Issue

After the last patch I am having issues logging into the game.
This laptop has Winows 7Vista
This laptop has been running EvE no problems until the patch to today.
When i launch a pop up appears and says :" Procedure entry point SetDllDirectoryW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"
Will no longer launched game.
Any help or suggestions ?
Please Help
Love the game
Take care

Does it have Windows 7 or Windows Vista? They are not the same and you do need Windows 7 as per minimum requirement.

In any case, try to run a verification of the resource cache. Worst case, try to reinstall the game. If this doesn’t help then you really should look into getting a newer Windows version. Of course, an alternative is to use Linux, if this is of any interest to you.

It is Windows Vista. I have reinstalled old launcher and at least i can get to the enter username and pw but then goes into the same issue after patch.

After the patch I could not launch the game. I am running Vista and things worked great before the update.
To resolve the issue I had to remove EvE and reinstall using the last launch patch and copy over files to the server I use.
When I launch EvE now the update pops up and I cancel it then log in. If I allow the update to proceed I have to start all over again. lol so yes there is a problem with this patch in my opinion.
I hope there is a fix other than reinstalling the game with and older patch.
Good luck people:]

Technically, if the game does say that the minimum requirement is Windows 7 then working on Vista was a “bonus”, and so it’s not really a problem with the patch… even tho it may appear inconvenient. Actually it might be a very useful wakeup call, since Vista has passed it’s “end of life” and is no-longer receiving security updates, so it really is time to upgrade if you don’t want to end up having your credit card, paypal or even your Eve Online account done over!

I play eve on Linux, as Whitehound mentioned… and it actually works great, but even tho I’ve played for 10 years that way, I know it might stop working with any given patch… CCP has been very good about keeping the game working on Linux, and I guess if it quit working I’d have to decide what to do, but nothing (least of all eve) could get me to go back to Windows at this point!

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