Launcher background download causing client disconnect?

The story:

Yesterday I had about 20 minutes to kill. Not enough to do corp stuff, but just enough to heat up an alt and do a quick Abyssal run.

In the last room, everything suddenly stops responding, and moments later I get the dreaded “connection lost” message. Annoying, but OK — my connection isn’t the best, this happens occasionally, just restart everything and log back in, should stil have (barely) enough time, etc…

Except it wasn’t that. Turns out the new launcher had started downloading an update in the background, and it was determined to hog every last shred of bandwidth until it was done.

When it was done, I found myself sitting in a shiny new pod in my home statiion, my pretty little Worm lost deep in a remote Abyssal Deadspace pocket… I was pretty miffed, so I logged off and went to bed.

Today I’m better :slight_smile: but still a bit miffed. Not over the ship loss itself — it wasn’t that blingy, and it’s already replaced. But over the way I lost it.

Getting shot by other players, or blowing up after pulling some really dumb move, fine, that’s EVE. But losing a ship because the game itself suddenly decides it has better things to do than letting me play it? This Cannot Stand.

The question:

Is there a setting to prevent the new beta launcher from randomly starting downloads in the background, short of simply closing it as soon as the client has been opened?

I know this has been asked (and answered) in the past, but I’m kinda-sorta hoping the new launcher can be made to handle this better?

(I’m playing on macOS, if that makes any difference)

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