Launcher: Could not Connect to Login Server

(Invincible Dragons) #61

There is some solution and discussions here. If you are a windows user, the solution at that link might work.

(Sergio Ogeko) #62

Same here, no response from support yet. Weird thing is I can login via steam using a generate alpha account but both of my omega accounts get "can’t connect to login server. Make no sense.

(Jacob Steep) #63

Entire day off and havent been able to login all day, this is some BS

(GSchurman Kasrkin) #64

Any updates i tried to get it to work last night without any success.

(Cyrus Amos) #65

some hrs ago I received a launcher update, was able to play until now, then sockets got closed again and that’s it.

Black SCreen after authenticating… or socket closed… or I get told that I might have no internet connection, the server adress might be wrong and so further.

(Jupiter Joness) #66

Changed the launcher to the beta version which can be found in the launcher settings. Worked for me.

(Florian Hutter) #67

guys CCP Games company is sold, koreans are intercepting Launcher and login traffic and ur ISP-s are blocking that part of the planet for a while now, good luck making them into changing routing table on core routers because of 1 computer game… eve stopped worked for half of this country here, they can’t login any more, login form doesnt show

(Evelyn Saffron) #68

cant login to server, connect error on port 26000 since yesterday, some1 fixing this?

(MartinezikPL Zwierzak) #69

Same problem not connect to eve transq.servers port 26000 !!! WTF im asking?!?!

(Evelyn Saffron) #70

I’m like that for 2 days now, paying for something i can’t use :angry:

(Darwi Ghost) #71

Thank you Jupiter Joness,

Your suggestion helped me ;-))

(Grumpy punk) #72

“Could not connect to the specified address. Odds are that you have not established an internet connection, the server isn’t running, or the server address or port number was wrong.”

Still the same error for 2 days now. Tried beta launcher, no difference. I’m in Bulgaria if that makes any difference.

(Whitenight) #73

Been going through the same thing since friday as well, tried beta, tried trace route. Same dropped pings. I can connect to SiSi which is weird. Launcher shows how many people online but I cannot log into secure EVE to check ticket I made and EVE Mon is not linking in as well

(Grumpy punk) #74

Worked fine for a bit after downtime today and now doesn’t work again.

(system) #75

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