Launcher crashes after today's update(SteamPlay Linux)

I’ll do whatever I have to to keep eve running on linux; but these wine versions are ancient… 5.7 isn’t even in the gentoo repo’s anymore, and I can’t even imagine what the performance hit going from staging to stable would be.

For me reverting to an ancient eve launcher and refusing updates is a bad, but better option than using an ancient version of wine.

6.0 IS released in the STABLE branch but people were talking about staging, well anyway, it works on Proton, that’s good enough, saves me installing the hugemongus Wine package

Pity Valve broke Proton 5.13-3+ that broke launching ANY games, I have a working 5.13-2 but Steam enforces the latest minor patch update or it won’t run, so I end up on 5.0-10

I have no need to run Wine outside of Steam, if games on Steam don’t work on Proton then tough, I don’t run them, I don’t really want to litter my machines with Wine apps if possible, otherwise it defeats the purpose of me having Linux

I understand the sentiment, but for me it’s the opposite. I’m running linux because I want open source software and no DRM. Polluting my system with steam just to get proton is kind of contrary to running gentoo, I might as well be back on windows 10.

Well I get that, if you don’t have Steam to begin with, but many do, so I keep it contained in there if possible, otherwise I wouldn’t have a single Windows app at all, zilch, zero, most are probably running Ubuntu, Debian, Mint or Arch or something, they probably already have polluted their system with snap anyway

Well, steam does exactly that - you get steam + wine (multiple versions). I have a single wine version for a single game, way less litter compared to the steam option. Have to add, I do not consider it litter, but to my understanding launching it via steam produces more litter by every possible metric.

It is contained under the steam install location, and whatever major version of Proton you want, not multiple versions unless you specify it

My wine installation is also contained under ~/.wine_eve with all the integrations disabled, plus I have no overhead of launching steam for launching EVE.

5.7 was released in April, it ain’t that old. And you can still use the staging patchset for older wine versions. I currently do not see any performance hits.

Not working for me either - under Mint 17.3. Was working fine until 11am today.

(It’s my birthday too, thanks for the present CCP…)

Happy birthday!
All is not lost, there seems to be two legit workarounds right now.
1 - revert to any launcher prior to today (link in thread), you can use your old sharedcache folder so you don’t have to redownload
2 - revert wine to 5.7

Thanks :slight_smile:

I downloaded the prior launcher you indicated, not sure what I do with it though ??

If you know where your shared cache folder is, back that up (so you don’t have to redownload), normally you would go into the launcher → settings to look that up and change it, but it’s crashing at the moment.

Then either delete your old installation and reinstall using the old launcher, or using the old launcher, install to a new location. If you managed to back up your shared cache folder, you just open up the settings in the launcher and point the shared cache folder location to your back up; then restart the launcher and you’ll be ready to go; if not, redownload everything.

You do not need to wipe/create a new wine prefix, and infact if you dont (eve stores a lot of settings in the app data folder inside of that prefix) most of your settings will still be there.

Edit: After this the launcher will attempt to update it self. Do not take the update, it will give you an option to cancel; you can update the game, just not the launcher.

Thanks. Didn’t realise I’d have to re-install, I’d assumed I could just replace the one launcher executable :frowning:
Perhaps I’ll try the Wine 5.7 route instead…

That’s basically what your doing when your “installing” the game from the launcher download, it’s just extracting itself. The actual game, the 20GB download, is in that shared cache folder. I’m not sure what the default is on that or I’d point you to it; I changed that a long time ago. I think it defaults to the same folder the launcher is in; they can be in two completely separate folders if you want, it’s a simple setting in the launcher. It sounds complicated but it’s far less complicated than downgrading wine and creating a new prefix.

I found my shared cache folder, so I’ll try as you suggest, thanks.

So the lesson here is, backup your Eve installation folder before updating, well, we knew that from years ago, this is standard practice on Windows and Eve

It’s a long time since I ran Windows, forgotten most of what I once knew :frowning:

It’s a CCP thing, patch for a patch for a patch

First time I’ve had to deal with this, I had no backups :frowning: lucky I found a link to an old launcher lol. Definitely making weekly backups from here on out.

What op-sys are you using ?