Launcher crashing after 5 min

Everytime i start the launcher and log into the game 5 - 10 min after being in game it freezes up. Unable to tab back to desktop, on the task manager it says " CCP exefile (32bit ) has stopped responding ". Only way to get back to the desktop is to reboot the computer. Issue started today, have had no problems the previous few months of playing. Any ideas on the issue?

Sounds like a deeper issue with your system. Driver problems, or even hardware issues, that are being triggered by the load of the game. Otherwise the OS should be able to handle a single program freezing up without getting locked up completely itself.

Have you tried other games, to see if the same thing happens there?

yes, tried a few other games. they all worked fine. The issue seems to have stopped now though, so not sure what was going on but glad its working again. once i opened the loglite and jumped in game things ran fine. Maybe my computer just doesn’t like not having the loglite running or something? I dunno.

Sounds like a random OS-glitch. It can happen sometimes. If it occurs again and again, something is messed up.

CCP is doing nothing to resolve this serious issue. You are all on your own to figure out their failures in development.

good luck.

my accounts are all cancelled as CCP doesn’t give a fck, neither do i.

it keeps happening, just not everytime…

I am getting this issue too, but I am also having issues with my browser connecting to he internet. Spoke to ISP and they are coming to look into the connection

Same here. Issue is DEFINATLY not network issue as I found a line in the Eve LogLite saying Display Device Missing.

After that it sends a request to the server which is never responded to (The svc module on the michelle channel gives this error Failed to get a valid ballpark in time after trying 30 times. Might be why Daemic is getting network issues?)

Whats really annoying is that because the client freezes and has to be manually killed the litelog doesnt save the logs automatically which would be really handy in a situiation like this now wouldnt they CCP? Maybe dont tie your monitoring program’s instance to the exe of the program its trying to monitor?

The same issue. Game freezes up. One only way to close it is system reboot. Win 10. Internet connection is stable. I lost my ship. Hope CCP fix the trouble.

I have the same probleme since a few days ago. A question, though: @Tyr Ijonen you’re playing on a laptop with dedicated video card right?

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