Launcher deletes ReShade DX injector for Custom Graphical Fx

Hi, I’ve been using a DirectX Injector called ReShade (previously known as SweetFx) for over a Decade for EVE Online.

Their website is and proof that some players use it here on their forums: Eve Online - How to apply ReShade? - ReShade Forum

That solution is no longer applicable, as the Game Client MUST BE LAUNCHED through the new launcher (if I open EVEFILE.EXE - It works, I just can’t login because error message: Must login through Launcher).

There are only 4 files added (including of course DXGI.DLL for DirectX 11 and 12), but as soon as the launcher opens the client, all files (not just DXGI) are deleted (not even to recycling bin, just vanish, including a .txt file for custom preset).

Allow me to show 4 images of what ReShade did for me (such as deleting the grey tint over EVE, adding extra fx to explosions, Sharpness for illusion of higher resolution, etc).

It’s not a game hacking tool, EVE Online is so far the FIRST game to block ReShade, and I am requesting CCP to Whitelist ReShade Please, because it brought out the biggest potentional from EVE’s graphics, and without it, it ruins my immersion. Unless any player here has a solution?

IMAGE EXAMPLES (Image 1 is Vanilla, Image 2 is with Reshade, Repeat).

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