Launcher in combination with F-Secure

To whom it may concern;

Currently F-Secure is reporting URLs used for EVE Vanguard as suspicious/malicious, thus refusing connections. This can be seen in the F-Secure interface, as well as manually trying the URLs in the browser.

I’ve filled in F-Secure false-positive form a few times, but preferably and if at all possible could CCP reach out to F-Secure to sort out the underlying reason why it’s causing F-Secure to flag their services?

Workaround is to add the following URLs to the ‘ignore’ list with F-Secure. This can be (easily) done by:

  1. Attempt to open the URLs in a webbrowser
  2. The F-Secure warning page will pop up
  3. Click the link for “Allow this URL on this PC”
  4. An F-Secure popup will open for UAC, grant it.
  5. Dialog window will now show the URL, click OK to add it.
  6. Done.

Here is the list of URLs I’ve come across so far. If I find more I’ll add them:

Screenshot as example (in Dutch):

When trying to edit above post it keeps throwing error 422 - “You are trying to edit something that isn’t yours”. So replying instead with another URL:

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