Launcher is using resources efficiently




Now all we need is Jar Jar Binks and EVE will be complete.

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OP is flying a courtship. :couplekiss_man_man:

When I first saw it I thought it was a picture of a cloaking device.

At first I thought this was some kind of wink that I should be friendlier on the forums (and I rejoiced internally because CCP finally found a way to talk to launchers directly and make them update the client in time), but now that more people say they got this I wonder what this is for…


EVE Online,

Where ever race is a championship
Where everyone you communicate with becomes an evolving relationship,
Where every corp member is like kinship,
Where every hauling or mining operation is a hardship,
Where every corporation joined is an internship,
Where every contract is a trusteeship,
Where every manufactured item shows craftsmanship,
Where on the forum every meme post shows draftsmanship,
Where on the forums every toxic post meets censorship,

Where this line is right at the the midship

Where every sovereignty has it’s governorship,
Where ganking is a sportsmanship,
Where every ship you fly is a flagship,
Where every skill you learn is a scholarship,
Where the Space-pope is what you worship,
Where every corp role is a presidentship,
Where every bittervet shows their eldership,
Where every player station is a dealership,
Where every citizen in the four Empires has a citizenship,

and the best ship is Friendship. Welcome aboard, shipmate!


That’s a shipload of inspiring penmanship.


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