Launcher login token expiration kicks the player out of the game

I was unpleasantly surprised to learn that when the launcher wants you to log in again, you get kicked out of the game. I’m glad I wasn’t in the middle of a fight when that happened.

That seems like poor customer service and design. The launcher could simply require the player to log in again the next time they want to start an EVE session. Kicking them out of an on-going session of play simply because a timer expired on a cookie is really showing how little CCP wants players to remain a part of the game.

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Never happened to me, no idea what are you talking about.

When your login token expires on the launcher, the launcher gives a message that the account token has expired, and “forgets” your account. You have to put in the account and password again.

So apparently if this happens while you’re playing the game, YOU GET KICKED FROM THE GAME, and have to add your account to the launcher again before you can get back in the game.

What part of this don’t you understand?

EDIT: CCP never published information about how long these tokens last, NOR is there any sort of countdown or warning that your token is about to expire. Plus I have a feeling that they can push a button and reset everyone’s tokens, which they may have done due to the forum login bug reported in the other thread here. This issue (being kicked from the game) is not preventable or avoidable in any way, there’s no warning.

i believe that it has something to do when the launcher verifies your account but the packet to do so is “lost” in the internet like ccp explains socket closed errors. upon it unable to verify it decides to “forget your account” Ive had this happen to me several times logging in and its saying my login token being expired and either making me forget the accounts and relogin or it forgetting the accounts for me making me still relog.

I haven’t had it do it while in game but I also close the launcher as soon as I launch it or it starts randomly downloading data that’s not from patches and consuming too much cell phone data, which is the only way I have reasonable internet to play eve.

Never happened to me either, even when the token expired.

What part of this did YOU not understand?!

You said “apparently”?! then… apparently you have also no idea what are you talking about! :stuck_out_tongue:

The part where you say things that aren’t correct.

I don’t get kicked from game and my launcher forgets tokens almost every time I play.

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This. Again.

I got a pic. You got words.

And you can’t prove it doesn’t happen with just yourself or a few examples of it working correctly.

Whereas I can disprove that the launcher is perfect with just ONE example of an imperfection.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, OP has abandoned the thread, and otherwise ■■■■ CCP. In other words, I declare a win. :slight_smile:

Some of us have lives outside of these forums. It looks like CCP has kind of abandoned the forums anyway, and if being kicked out in the middle of engagements due to launcher issues is going to become more normal, I guess we can look forward to more players abandoning the game out of frustration.

**** CCP, you say? The leadership of CCP is saying **** our players with this kind of thing.

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Some of us have also brains and understand when someone tries to abuse the forums for his own purposes…

Your statements are inappropriate and misleading.

“Since it never happened to me, I’ll derail any discussion about the problem” is not an indicator of intelligence. Discussing a relevant problem is not an abuse of the forums.

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See…? that’s a sign of intelligence…!

I’ll let someone else weigh in on this, as we clearly have someone in favor of CCP abusing their players with things such as what the original topic raised. Why wouldn’t players leave when CCP’s development team introduces, and leadership approves, such play-destroying issues?


We want the pretty login screen back!


Agree, i’m missing the login screen too! :frowning:

This is all a cash grab GREED IS GOOD problem

Thousands of people used to use eve.exe to open the game for many years.

Yet when opening the game that way, you could not access the EveStore and buy microtransactions.

Store access would only work on instances launched via the launcher for whatever terrible programming excuse they used.

So ccps solution to thousands never being able to look at store in game?

Block access to launch game via eve.exe

Yet their launcher is garbage.

Fire some more people maybe that will help to allocate funds for proper launcher programming and qa

Yeah but it could be also possible to have both, isnt it?
I mean using the launcher can provide access to eve.exe and then to login screen.

But the launcher is the issue.

People loved eve.exe for the ease if loading multiple accounts and not having to deal with always buggy and permanent problem-plagued launcher.

Ccp hates eve.exe because they couldnt code the eve/old arurum store to open when client launched via eve.exe

So they forced launcher on us and lo and behold. It has messed up non-stop.