Launcher not letting me log in

So last time I logged in, I had to add my accounts back into the launcher. Fair enough. Today I tried to log in and got a “login token expired” error. But then I could find no way to re-enter my password. Came here to look around, and now when I go back to the launcher four of my five accounts are missing. Tried to log in on the last account, and now that one’s gone too, same problem. Now that I have no accounts in the launcher, I can - I think - re-enter them, with passwords. but this is a pain in this ass. :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh, by the way, iMac running High Sierra 10.13.1

You should be able to click add account and simply re add the account with the expired token, it should then overwrite the old token and allow you to login.

If you are using more then one computer you may need to refresh the token on each computer.

I did re-enter the accounts, and all seems to be well. On reflection, I think perhaps the problem arose due to a launcher update in between the last time I logged in and the time when this problem raised its ugly head. IAC, not a big deal, but still a poin in the ass. :slight_smile:

Good day.

I have the same issue it keeps doing it.

Last night I enter both my account details just this morning one of them gave that error and removed my details. After downtime it happen again. I am getting fedup

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