Launcher not working

My Eve launcher is not working this morning. It tells me that a network error has occurred during authentication. This is the first time it has done this. It tells me to upgrade to Omega but I am. It tells me that the service is unavailable when I click that. I am very much a point and click user. I don’t know how to do all the clearing caches and other things. I follow the direction on clicking the gear in the upper right hand corner and verifying the cache, It scrubbed some files but it still does not work. I am at a loss.

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My account management is also not working. I was looking forward to playing for a bit. Wish I was better at solving computer problems.


Thank you. I was wondering if it was something I did.

I see the play now button though I am just having trouble moving the cursor over to it to click play now/

Found this:

So about this new Launcher.

Seems like we now have two? Both can be run simultaneously together on the same instance of windows 10

Questions will we be able to log into our pilots from both clients?


Can My Pilot be logged on New Eden from one Launch window and then log in another using the old client the next day?

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Imagine if you could log in with the same character on both at the same time. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You could try milk in your Corn Flakes instead of Vodka.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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The new launcher ‘works’ for me…but I already don’t like the fact that the default screen with no character selection simply does not state which character the skills queue is on. So you have to change launch settings to always display the character selection screen in order to show who has the skill queue…when the character having the skills queue OUGHT to be displayed on the main login screen. Otherwise the new login screen is just a more cumbersome way of getting into what was already there before.

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