Launcher Profile settings - years out of date?

Posting this here as it pertains to the issues with the new launcher.

So, this morning I read about all the changes to the launcher from reddit, and alliance discord, so I roughly know what to expect.

However, I didn’t expect my imported settings to be from 2 years ago.

Add all accounts, blue pin them.
Select the cog, and apply saved TQ settings to the accounts, instead of the default.
Open game…

Immediately on game open, I’m presented with numerous windows telling me that I can’t access certain in-game chat channels - they are chat channels specifically for corps that I was a member in 2 or so years ago, and has hotkey and other profile setups for things that are no longer relevant - such as POS management etc.

I would like some clarification on why the imported profile settings for pinned accounts are 2 years out of date, when I have extensively modified not long after the Lifeblood release? I take it that these are not automatically saved?

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