Launcher starts with EULA each time after been closed

Each time I close the launcher it starts from EULA and then asks me to create an account/add existing account. Adding accounts each time requires to put verification code from email, so it is very inconvenient to pass that steps for each account every time after rebooting computer or closing a launcher. Also have to mention that all launcher settings are saved including accounts and character profiles are present in according directories.
This is started after that update fixing “Start Playing” button disappearance.

Can’t figure out what causes this problem.

My setup is:
Wine Staging 9.8
Arch Linux

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I had similar problem, when after launcher started, I was prompted to verify my login…
it was (magically) solved, when I moved EVE from NTFS partition to EXT4 partition (later I also made new install on new SSD)
since then, no issues of this kind, actually runs really well (through wine)