Launcher stuck and can't add account

launcher advanced, but stuck on the next step

Yes, same here buddy.

I ended up uninstalling the game completely.
Guess what, now I can’t add the accounts back.
I’ve also made a ticket to CCP, waiting to see how this will end up.
@Onomika_Toura_Ichinumi Where are you from? (I’m from Romania, maybe it’s a localization topic)

I’ve installed a free VPN and the game works.
Discord was not working also but now it dose.
So 100% not because of my local internet since with a VPN it works.

Apparently, after I run the VPN and manage to log into the game I can disconnect the vpn and the game works.
That means the log in server has an issue I guess. And I think it’s related to cloudflare.
Just posting here new finding in case somebody cares.

My windows machine is still on the old launcher, no issues. Every day the new one installs, every day I put the old one back…

Apparently now works without the VPN, 100% was a cloudflare issue.

Still have a problem logging in to Discord without VPN but that’s not CCP’s topic.

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