Launcher Update

I start Launcher, and it says it needs to download latest version, OK I click the OK.
Then it downloads and shuts down.
I have to restart the Launcher, the same download prompt displays the download again.
I click the OK button, and launcher starts up like it should…

My launcher is version 1716140, it should be 1717648 ??
How do I fix this??

Usually that’s an overzealous antivirus. I actually added my eve folder to exceptions to avoid that

Well I think it is more than that …

On my laptop it is updated to the correct version…
And its running the same Windows 10 OS as my Workstation…
Just wondering if there is something that i can delete to get it back to working correctly.

Windows Defender have to see if i can add it to the exception list…
Added the EVE folder to the exceptions list

That’s what i finally ended up doing. About the only other option is back up cache and fresh install

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