Launcher wakes up my external drives

Why is it doing that? I checked with procmon and it’s not reading anything off of them so that’s good, but I’m still irked it wakes up drives that should never wake up unless I access them myself.

Is that on windows, mac or Linux?

In case of windows, win likes to do random read and write operations that are very unnecessary and harmful to hard drives.
It’s indirectly linked to force hard drives sales with the force wear leveling of memory chips and disc usage all thanks to the worst file system on the planet which is the fault of an untalented Hewlett Packard developer.
M$ bought the software from HP in the late 1980’s and you may heard of the more common name of “NTFS” or “New Technology File System”, which is neither new and just a nice marketing name for an extension of the FAT (File Allocation Table) file system, which is an extension of an extension of an extension of a floppy disc file system from the 1970’s.
That “New Technology” is neither new nor any good.


Yes it’s windows, but the drives never wake up for anything unless I access them myself. EVE’s launcher is the only thing that consistently wakes them up.

Hmm… I don’t know how win 10 behaves but in my 22 years using windows, something always woke up drives that should have stayed idle but didn’t.

I can only talk about Linux, because that’s what I am using and the launcher causes weird memory leaks, so I close it as soon as I can.

For now if you aren’t already doing so, I advise you to start your account(s) and exit the launcher.
I really hate it when drives wake up which should be sleeping until I want something from them.

Did you notice the drives waking up with the launcher closed also?

I remember my drives waking up whenever win-update started for no reason.

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