Launcher White / Black screen issue - solved

So I have been having issues with my Launcher getting the black and white screen where it hungs and have to kill the process.

My research shows there is several reasons for this and not just one solution. But this soved it for me.

I ran Sysinternals (Microsoft) Process Explorer (free download) and killed any process that was not ”company: Microsoft” meaning, all third party apps. Launcher then worked!
So I rebooted, tried launcher and it failed.
You could use Task Manager to kill the processes too, i just used ProcExp as it gives more info when i troubleshooted.

That led me to believe it was some other application causing this. And by trial and error, i found out it was in my case Google Chrome Remote Desktop. Uninstalling that, solved my issue and I can now start the launcher every time.

I have been using Chrome Remote Desktop for many years but just recently had probs. So most likely it has been updated with some new feature that Launcher does not like.

I would guess that other similar tools could easily cause the same problem, so if you have a prob like this then start by disabling and uninstalling things like Teamviewer, Nvidia shield, possibly twitch broadcast, anything interacting with your desktop/screen.

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