Launcher window not showing up

old issue, in a multi-display setup sometimes the launcher gets messed up and won’t open window on any active screens. How long does it take them to fix this crap?

this shitty thing opens on an inactive display/desktop, Win+Cursor won’t work to move it around between desktops.


I don’t know. Have you asked Microsoft? It’s a problem with their Window Manager, not the application.

you can move any window around across desktops with Win+cursor keys, except the launcher. Why?

so are we gonna see a fix for this garbabe any soon???
Again, the friggin launcher opened on an inactive display that wasn’t turned on for days.

happened again, wtf. FIX IT!!!

this sh*t is annoying af.

fix this nonsense pls

fix it

Sh*tty launcher always opens on an inactive, turned off screen!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

As I have already said, this is a Microsoft Windows problem relating to ways you have previously configured your displays.

Almost whole moments with Google or any other search engine will get you the Microsoft support article giving three ways of fixing this.

Please stop whining and screaming like a child.

Yes, I’ve read the article, it does work - I’ve used it in other cases (this is how I know it isn’t a CCP issue). No, I’m not sharing it with you purely because of your attitude. You can find it yourself.

no its not. No other application opens on a turned off screen. None, except the friggin launcher. I use mainly 2 of my 4 screens, the other 2 are not in use rn, so why the hell does this application choose to open on one thats not being used neither is ON, why not start on the one where it was opened last time??? Obviously any serious software producer learned to deal with the specifics of the windows window manager, everyone who is not CCP. Just like the eve client itself, which goes to ■■■■ and needs to be restarted, as soon as you turn on another display that moves the task bar to a new primary screen.

If the Windows is reporting the last location as valid the CCP are doing nothing wrong. I have had this on multiple other applications -this is not just Eve related.
This is a know issue in Windows and has been for years - more years than I can remember. Hence Microsoft publishing a solution.

However you are so angry in your obsession that I can not help you any further.

@ISD can you please close this to reduce the ranting and to save my sanity. Thank-you.