Launcher Windows Vista?/

Uh oh!!! Is this new launcher issue going to spell DOOM for us people using old machines that has a operating system of Windows Vista??? I know they say Windows 7 or better but it worked for a while. Hate to fork over cash for windows 10 just for a game.

Just for a game? How about security patches? Cause windows vista won’t supported any more soon. (if it i sstill supported that is)

People like yourself are why Windows 10 went to forced updates. You cling to outdated software to keep your ancient hardware wheezing along, while still feeling entitled to internet access. Microsoft should send out a patch removing the ability for the software to interact with network cards the minute the OS is no longer supported, maybe that will help push troglodytes such as yourself along. In fact, ISP’s should automatically disconnect any OS no longer supported by its manufacturer as a bonus measure. You’re the digital equivalent of an anti-vaxxer, and should be purged from the virtual gene pool.

On top of this, Microsoft made the damn OS completely free to get for over TWO YEARS and you couldn’t even manage that.

But here, just for you, an article that explains how to still get Windows 10 for free.


Extended support for Windows Vista ended April 11 2017. There have been no security updates since then.

Extended support for Windows 7 ends January 14, 2020.

11 years is a long time in the computer industry - things change. There is no law requiring you to keep up but don’t complain when new applications don’t work on old machines.


You going to complain about them phasing out dx9 next too?

Vista and older boxes are not eligible for update to windows 10!!! Oh and just for record!! I still use a flip phone!!! I drive a 12 year old car paid for 8 years ago!!! I bypass unnecessary trendy gadgets and put that money away for my 2 vacations a year and towards my retirement!!! Psst paid my house off before 50!!! Maybe not keep TRENDY is not a bad thing brother!!! You might find out keeping up with the Jones es is a fail!!! Puzzled why you were offended by my simple request for a solution?

Maybe you should spend some time reading about software security and how you endanger your savings by not using up to date operating system. This is not about being trendy. Also do keep in mind that Vista is older than your car and you get support for your car from mechanics while no one is supporting Vista. As for house… owning house is pointless - but that is problem of our generation, your generation had it better in this regard.

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EVE Online support for Windows XP and Vista was officially ended on June 30 2016. That’s more than two years ago.

I guess you didn’t get the memo.

Well BIO MASS waste!!! I downloaded Linux ! After fighting for 4 hours WALLA!!! I was informed it could run EVE! Sad EVE does not run that . If anyone has a link to get the launcher in Liux to work it would be grand!!! FS. El ziltcho!!!

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