Leadership Skills For Running Missions With Team Members

Hi. Quick background is that I am/will be running missions with a friend and neither of us is blessed with vast quantities of skill points (read “we are new”). In trying to find whatever information I could regarding doing missions as a group (2 ship fleet), I ran into an interesting article that is outdated (the post was dated 2009) but where the poster suggested “If you are running missions with a group, train up your leadership a couple of levels and get some of the other leadership skills too that will give squad mates a boost to armour, shield, agility or targeting range. Just having a couple of levels in some or all of those skills can give your team a nice little edge in missions and pvp.

Is this still relevant and if so, what leadership skills and are they skills an Alpha clone can get? I have looked through the skills listing on UniWiki and it seems that they are only relevant with a Command Burst module so I am pretty sure that they are not usable by Alpha clones but wanted to ask just to be sure. Thanks!

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The passive boosts from those leadership skills no longer apply. That was changed quite some time ago. You’ve got to have command burst modules AND be within range of it. Nothing that an Alpha can fly can use command bursts. Having said that, even with you being Alpha, there should be no problem with you and your friend stomping L1 to L3 missions with ships and modules that are available to Alphas.

Indeed, unfortunately, the leadership skills no longer grant any kind of passive bonus and only allow omegas to use command bursts. That being said, you should have no problems running missions as a pair of alphas, or even alphas alone, up to L4s.

Speaking of those new links, you need to be in range to receive them but anyone in fleet can activate them, you no longer need to be squad, wing or fleet commander and only the highest skilled ones apply.

I think command ships have the highest modifier for links and titans to longest range for links.
There are also command destroyers now, which can use one link. Carriers and fax machines can fit 2 links, battlecruisers one link.
And there is a rig you can fit to increase the amount of links by one per rig.

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