If an alt runs out of Omega, what happens?

Does this new alpha still fly things that he has the skills for it because he was omega ? or not ?
even if i think i know the answer…

No, you cannot fly or use something that requires Omega status. Your SP remain but you cannot use Omega things.

yeah that was obvious. thanks for the answer !

If a character drops to alpha, it can still use skills (and fly the ships that need those skills) that are found on the alpha skill list you can find here:

So if you have trained the skill, and it is on that list nothing changes. If you trained a skill and it is not on that list, you can’t use it anymore. If you trained a skill to 5, but the alpha state only allows use of that skill at level 4, then that skill is treated as level 4. So yes, you can still fly many ships, but only if the skill requirements to fly them are on the alpha skill list.

If you have more than 5M SP, you will not be able to train anymore skills although you can use the alpha skill injectors. If you have less than 5M SP, you can train skills at half-speed, but only from the list of alpha skills listed in the devblog.

really, they can’t learn anymore ? that is pretty bs but i can understand that because of the character bazar…

And also because of skill farming.

They don’t want you learning, and extracting SP, for free.

You can play the game and earn ISK to buy alpha skill injectors, or pay real money and buy them, but CCP won’t give you free SP beyond the 5M SP level.

If you just need to train a few things, the alpha injectors are a reasonably priced option. But regardless, you will quickly bump up against the max alpha skill cap, which is about 20M ISK in skills that are listed in that devblog.

If you want a tip though, I would suggest you look into SP farming to run your alt. Basically you just extract and sell off your SP each month to buy a PLEX. You won’t gain much in the way of skills (because you have to trade them for the PLEX to run the account), but you will be able to keep your omega status which allows both access to all the skills you have trained, and multiboxing.

A key point with the 20M cap:

It’s not a cap of 20 million skill points. it’s that there are 20 million skill points of stuff which is useable (and thus trainable) as an alpha.

If you’ve trained omega only skill levels, they don’t reduce that 20 million.

Omega only skill levels do count towards the 5 million skill cap.

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