Leave it to Beaver

I watched a whole episode while mining.

What do you watch while shooting at rocks?


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In no particular order

  • The Boys (Drama)
  • Rick and Morty (Comedy)
  • Ted Lasso (Comedy)
  • Better Call Saul (Drama)
  • Breaking Bad (Drama)
  • Watchmen (Drama)
  • Arrested Development (Comedy) -1st 3 seasons are great. Season 4 was forgettable. haven’t watched 5.
  • Community (Comedy)
  • 30 Rock (Comedy)
  • Parks and Rec (Comedy)
  • Atlanta (Drama)
  • The Mandalorian (Drama)
  • Invincible (Drama)
  • Resident Alien (Comedy)
  • Westworld (Drama)
  • What We Do in the Shadows (Comedy)
  • Ozark (Drama)
  • Glow (Drama)
  • Justified (Drama)
  • Umbrella Academy (Drama)
  • South Park (Comedy)
  • Family Guy (Comedy) - went to â– â– â– â–  at some point, but it used to be good.
  • Key and Peele (Sketch Comedy)
  • That Mitchell and Webb Look (Sketch Comedy)
  • House of Cards (Drama) - Meh. The last season kind of sucked because Kevin Spacey got kicked off.

I guess that’s enough.


I generally do less boring things, like the washing, floors, clip the dog’s claws, play punchbilly etc

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It was Doctor Who, old episodes. It was more missioning than mining.

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Thank you, taking notes…

Gee, I wonder why :thinking:

How exciting!! I envie you.

I just gotta try at least one episode… I cannot, for the life of me, understand why I keep putting it off.

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