Leave Local Unreliable

Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t!

Perfect compromise between Blackout and Free Intel!


What do you hope to accomplish with a change like that? If you have a suggestion let us know why you are suggesting it and what you think it will do or change about the game.

Well, I think a compromise would be the way to go, but I don’t think this is the solution. People would just dock up when local didn’t work, and it doesn’t provide for any interesting choices or play.

I think some better compromises include:
Making a handful of ships immune to local.
A module (with significant drawbacks) that can render a ship immune to local
Killing local in nullsec, but giving players intel gathering structures (which is something I’ve heard the devs mention).

Anyway, it’s going to be a tight line to walk. I think krabbing is to safe right now, but if you increase risk too much, the sheep will move away, dock up, or just quit.

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Maintenance and bandwidth issues, not bad and a reflection on the real world.

Having various null sec regions sprodically be hit by a local blackout (due to “lore” reasons) sounds like a fun compromise to me.

Blackout is better because it is the same for everyone. It is not a level playing field when one party can see the other in local but not vice versa.

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