[LEEDL] sharkCorp- Looking for players of any and all backgrounds

-sharkCorp is a newer US based corp that is currently preparing to move our attentions towards low sec and wormhole space.
-Given that we are a newer corp that means we are also a smaller corp with a few experienced players and a couple of us new players.
-The current focus of our corp is mainly industry and pve based but would like to explore into the pvp areas of the game in the near future.

  • We are an extremely laidback set of individuals that like to have fun in the most random of ways.
    -Our in game schedule (due to irl schedules) consists of Tue, Thur, and Sun being our main days to do things as a corp.
    -We are both alpha and omega friendly and our doors are open to anyone who is willing to learn and anyone who is willing to teach.
    -If interested please feel free to pm me here or in game under the same name or if your convinced on joining just apply to the corp in game.
    -Fly reckless and stay safe o7

Recruitment is always open :shark:

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