Leehams DaWildabeast for CSM 15

Hello fellow Capsuleers,
My name is Leehams DaWildabeast, and I am running for CSM 15.

I have been playing EVE for about 6 years and have made my way around the map in that time, starting renting in Esoteria, to Querious, Tenerifis, Deklein, Venal, and Kalavela Expanse. I have extensively flown with Bombers Bar, and am an FC in Spectre Fleet. In my recent EVE career, I was with GOTG in SLYCE as an FC, eventually leaving to join Black Legion Mark 6 when I was in college and didn’t have the time to lead. Currently I am in Pandemic Horde, but just as a line member.

My main squeeze is theorycrafting. I think, design, check, revise, and adapt fittings for every and any use. From developing and using frigate fits for T5 abyssal space, to defining and improving doctrines for nullsec coalitions (both GOTG and Horde). I love to find a way to use ships to their full potential and get every last scrap of performance for the price. I can (and have, as my old alliance mates can attest) spend hours debating and discussing the value of a single module on a ship over another. I also have created over 3,000 abyssal modules (I am currently the #8 creator on mutaplasmid.space) in this pursuit, as more performance or crazy fits can be unlocked with these modules.

In a word: I optimize. I refuse to stop at good enough; I want to find what the best possible fit, method, strategy, etc is. In the CSM, I can provide feedback relating to overall ship balance because I have tried to make everything work, and not just on paper.

I do also acknowledge the gaps in what I know. I don’t know wormhole space well. I don’t know lowsec well. And I don’t know small gang metas well. But I have many friends in this game, and as a representative on the CSM I will make sure to get input and information from those who are knowledgeable before I speak for those styles, metas, and all that comes with it, as I would when theorycrafting a fit or doctrine.

Thank you for considering me for CSM, and I look forward to working with CCP and the CSM team!
-Leehams DaWildabeast


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