Anhees Tsasa for CSM 17

I’m a NPSI FC for Bombers Bar,
which is a group with no affiliations, no blues and no politics; only PvP where everyone is welcome.

In the recent years of EvE I’ve seen both good updates and bad updates for the game.
Usually I am really passionate about EVE, I try out nearly every update in regards of the new content to get an understanding of what can be done with it and finding ways to make content for other people.
In the 6 years I have been FC’ing NPSI fleets I’ve seen and talked to ALOT of people from all viewpoints and places in the game and I think I will be able to give that feedback to CCP and work on improvements for what you guys really want.

I’m not only a veteran cap killer, furthermore I understand how to use Caps outside of an umbrella, to solo pvp with them and use them in wormholes, for rolling or as defense ships under a support fleet (yes not everyone drops 200 caps to kill a 20 man frigate gang) -uses which they were never originally intended for.

I’m really bad at describing stuff so I guess you guys just need to witness me on one of the NPSI fleets to understand what I’m about. Anyone is welcome to come along, ask questions and make explosions happen. The times and details are in the in-game channel “Bombers Bar” and in the BB Discord

Focus and thoughts about EvE and particularly wormholes Docs link

Last but not least my plans as CSM will be to have a varied insight of the updates CCP plans for the game and hopefully help work them out in a fashion that will please the Players, we all want to have fun in the game, and this will be my focus.


I think the most refreshing thing about Anhees Tsasa is that “make explosions happen” is, to him, absolutely synonymous with Make Eve Great Again.

More explosions mean more people are taking part in PVP and that more people are willing to risk their ships to get them blown up.

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Your discord link either is dead or you really don’t like me for some reason.

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