Anhees Tsasa CSM 16 - NPSI content for everyone

Fellow capsuleers
I’m Anhees Tsasa, and i am an NPSI FC for Bombers Bar where we PvP just for the fun, no Politics involved.

Your EVE Online story
There is not a ‘‘single’’ story, because every day, something happens that stays in my mind. If it is the Miner that tryes out PvP for the first time with NPSI, the Nullsec Supercarrier kill the whole fleet dreamed about , that one Battleship in Lowsec that is worth over 2b and decides to fight us, or just the small skirmish roam from a newer FC in Spectre Fleet. To be part of all this, is awesome, and i dont want to tell a ‘‘single’’ story, because all of them are worth hearing, seeing or being part of.

What qualities set you apart from other candidates?
Honestly? The independence, I am not part of a big doughnut, my alliance is settled in Low and gives me the freedom to do whatever I desire, and my desire is to bring out content to the people regardless of which alliance they are coming from. Content that is all that counts for me.

What can players expect from you?
To be an actual player voice in the CSM, I will listen to whoever contacts me and see how i can bring in their ideas. Lets not forget, EVE wouldn’t be EVE without the playerbase. Lets give them a Voice and not just push the idea of single persons, like it was in the years before.

Fly dangerous o7 - Anhees Tsasa


NPSI represent!

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Where do i have to sign? :slight_smile:

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